March 16, 2014

Thanks for the idea Miss Phoebe! SKETCH CARDS will indeed be a thing in 2014. Who wants some?

January 20, 2014

The Curator comes out of retirement. Happy birthday Tom Baker!

January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Boris Vallejo! Thank you for inspiring my own particular artistic path!

January 5, 2014

And in accordance with my own New Year's resolution, Book #2 is underway.

I titled it 'Running From The Question.' (And yes, he's running in slow motion.)December 1, 2013

Yes, I'm still basking in the warm temporal glow of the unmitigated wonderfulness that was Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. It's as though my more than 30+ years of fandom have been rewarded, in some way.

It goes without saying that I have drawn a great deal of Doctor Who material over the years. Here's what I've created this year to help celebrate:

Now then... is everyone ready for the 25th?

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